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Monday, 29 July 2013

Creative Tuesday - Forest

I have joined so many different swaps in the last month - where do I begin...

Well to link over to Creative Tuesday who's theme is Forest I have a swap that fits in nicely!

I got invited to a "People of the Forest" swap - animals were allowed but there had to be one humanoid at least on every card. For some reason I find when it comes to mythical or fantasy based characters I lack greatly in imagination. To achieve all of these I spent ages looking on the internet and seeing what I could try and draw. I came up with the idea of a tree ent - but is that a humanoid or plant??? Hmmm anyhow - the Mushroom Man is my fave.

Check out Creative Tuesday for other forest inspired art.


  1. These are adorable. Mushrooman especially. He has such a dreamy look in his eyes. I wonder what he is thinking. I think I have opposite problem than you. I get frustrated If I have to paint something without any fantasyelements. Im very bad consentrating with "real" subjects.

  2. Gosh this looks like it's a whole other planet! Very creative!

  3. What a creative way to depict forest. You certainly have a lot of interesting "people" in your forest. HaHa.

  4. Loving all of your bright colors, Katie. :)

  5. Fabulous pictures Katie! I don't see how your imagination cold be lacking at all. For starters, how about a pair of wings on wee giraffe or elephant ridden by a pixie type, lol. But anyhooo, you've ended up with awesome characters. I hope the sun isn't going to rise on that snoozing troll, haha ;)
    *hugs* for Georgie Atkin :)

    1. Suppose you're right - working with existing characters does work but when I have to make new ones... that's when I find the difficulty. For all of these I mixed and mashed internet images hehe - the internet is our friend.

      Georgie's Smiling

  6. These are wonderful Katie, and all in your glorious distintive style. Snap on on the mushroom, I had that idea as well.

  7. very creative creatures. I like the first one. if they got legs and arms, doesn't that make them somewhat human?

    hope you have a sweet day.

  8. These are really wonderful, Katie! I love how you coloured them. I think your imagination did well here. Love that lil' red guy. Something cute about him. Very fun and a GREAT addition to the co-op for this theme. Thank you so much!


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