I have kept journals for 9 years and so its surprising that I should only discover blogging as a new format of journal writing. It's about time I embrace it and see if its as fun.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Clan of Mugzey

Years ago when I was 15 my Mum came back from New York and she brought each one of us (1 of 4 siblings) a bear called Mugzey. They come in small medium and large or junior, norm and senior. At the time they were all named after something about the USA - Hershey, Donut, Pretsal and Soda... but it didn't take long before we carried on calling them Mugzey. Now eversince this moment Mum has not been able to resist buying more because lets face it they really are adorable. The small ones especially with their squashed up face and little beady eyes and pot bellies. What's not to love!? What used to be a modest clan of 4 is now bordering insanity at 14! So I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to give Mum for Mothers day, a hand painted card of the pioneering Mugzey's.
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