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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rainbows on an Envelope

Here's another altered envie - with this one I used an old envelope which hadn't been written on. I quite enjoy being thrifty like that - I have boxes full of off cuts of paper, stamps, cardboard. I save wrapping paper that I'm able to peel away without ripping. I also save every last bit of bubble wrap and foam. I figure this way the only cost to my art hobby is postage and time and that's alright. Anyway this is an envie I did for somebody over in Spain - the theme - rainbow of course. I have to confess I had to look the colours of a rainbow up to remember the order of the colours. Reminded me of the song you sing in school although I'm sure they mix the colours round to make it rhyme!

Rainbow Altered Envie

Linking over to the Playroom once again for other rainbow themed art - enjoy.
Only one day left for the free ATC giveaway - I am giving away an ATC to two lucky winners. Just follow the instructions on my Facebook page - look for the post pinned to the top - you can't miss it.
Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Free ATC giveaway and Robots

My project yesterday was another altered envie (they are pretty addictive) and had the theme Robots. So this here is the work I did for my friend over in California - I hope she likes it. The envelope warps quite a bit when you put watercolour to it, I like to think this adds to the authenticity of the art. After all I don't have canvas envelopes. When I started this I had no idea what I was drawing and it was originally a robot with springs for arms and rubber gloves on the end. Yeah it looked terrible. Then these little characters started to emerge and I imagined them doing all the hard labour of posting parcels and heavy goods.
Robots Rebelling - Altered Envie - Watercolour
I have organised a free giveaway over on my Facebook page since I have reached 100 likes! Yay! It is a giveaway for two people, of a custom ATC of their choice. In order to enter for a chance of one of the giveaways go to my page and follow the instructions. Any questions or confusion - please send me a message.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Creative Tuesday - Trio

I haven't been on Creative Tuesday in a few weeks so decided to incorporate this fortnights theme of trio with another project I've been working on. This envie is for my Envie Addict partner - I know she likes whimsical houses and thought to put them in groups of three. The front is very Goldilocks - Large, Medium and Small and the back is Tall, Medium and Short - or so it's supposed to be. I really love making altered envies - a lot of fun and very cheap to mail.
Altered Envie - Whimsical Houses - Marker Pen
Thank you for stopping in and don't forget to pop on over to Creative Tuesday to see other Trio Art.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Giraffe and Elephant in a Jar

In the Ebay ACEO group the photo challenge of May is "Something in a Jar". We were given a fairly blurry image of a fairy in a jar on purpose so that we could interpret it anyhow we wished. So I was pretty sure I saw a giraffe and elephant in the jar - yes! Here they are - aren't they cute!!!
Giraffe and Elephant in a Jar - Watercolour ACEO
I would love my own mini giraffe and elephant.

And since anything goes for this weeks Artist's Playroom I'm going to go ahead and put this forward. Check it out for other great art!
I hope I win the contest!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Giraffe on a Penny Farthing

The theme at the Artist's Playroom is Birthday. Well it turns out I had a project set aside for this very theme already. Over at the ATC trading website I have discovered a new love for Altered Envie's and have joined the May Envie Addicts. In this group you get partnered up with somebody and you have a whole month to create a really cool envelope and send it out with nothing inside (or at least not usually). They also have a list of people who's birthday falls in that month and they are eligible (as it were) for a birthday envie which is something people do out of kindness and expect nothing in return. So here is my surprise birthday envie for somebody. I don't know how the giraffe is related but I think a giraffe on a penny farthing wishing you a happy birthday is quite unique really!
Altered Envie - Giraffe on a Penny Farthing

My birthday is in November and am very much looking forward!
Head on over to the Artist's Playroom to see how other people have interpreted the theme.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Georgie's ACEO Baby Shower

A few months ago I joined a Facebook group - the ebay ACEO. It's a great group and things are always happening, lots of conversation and new pictures posted all the time. A really active and thriving community. While I was very close to giving birth I gave everybody a daily update as to how things were going. I think everybody got pretty eager to see me finally pop the Georgie out. It was quite good having a lot of US people in the group who would be up when I was, at 3am with some form of pain or ailment.
When I eventually went into hospital I believe I made the time to write a quick desperate message - something to the effect of, I think it's starting! Then that was it, no word from me for a couple of days.
Imagine my excitement when I came back - 19 FB updates, 3 friend requests and 2 private messages (along with 36 emails)!
Anyway to get to the point, Leola and Cheryl who are the administrators or some form of leader of the group had organised a new photo challenge. Rather than providing a picture for everybody to interpret; people were asked to make a card in honour of baby Georgie, an ACEO Baby Shower if you will. Then send all the cards to me (I wasn't expecting that at all!)
Once I got my first card I decided to take pictures of Georgie posing with each card I got through the door.
So sit back and enjoy the photos. It has been an amazing thing and I am now hoping something else happens in the group that I can participate in and share the love :)

Beverley Goding
Victorian Baby Carriage

Penny Stewart
Don't Wake the Baby

Karen Brady
Georgie Girl's Fairy
 Linking this ACEO to Karen's Blog.
Sharlene McNeill
Georgie's Dragon
Linking this ACEO to Sharlene's Website and Blog.
Sue Perez
Katie's Little Darling

Barbara Donati
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sherry Goeben
Why Won't he Play With Me
Georgie's Mouse
 Linking these ACEOs to Sherry's Facebook Page.
Cheryl Buckman
Georgie's Giraffe
Georgie's Bear
Linking these ACEOs to Cheryl's Blog.
Leola Walker
Fairy Baby
 Linking this ACEO to Leola's Facebook Page and her Blog.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Adding a Smiley to your Day

I had a "Mushroom" swap a few weeks ago, I wasn't too sure how to make this subject interesting. When I realised how much character you can bring to a mushroom by adding a simple smiley. So here we have my first set of three I did for the swap:

Naughty Mushroom Children - 2.5 x 3.5 Inches ATC

Mushroom Choir - 2.5 x 3.5 Inches ATC

Deliriously Happy Mushrooms - 2.5 x 3.5 Inches ATC

Then I did two more for a private trade.
I've decided this might be another subject I do more of, I love experimenting with faces and situations.
Immature Mushroom Boyfriend - 2.5 x 3.5 Inches ATC

Family Portrait There's Always One! - 2.5 x 3.5 Inches ATC

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Giraffe and Elephant in a Dali World

Over at the Artist's Playroom the theme of the week is "Famous Artist". So what artist inspires me? Well; Dali has always been a fave of mine, I love his surrealism, his melting clocks and general strangeness of his scenes. So where better to take Giraffe and Elephant, it's already pretty surreal that they've infiltrated the movies - why not let them find the art world too.

Giraffe and Elephant in a Dali World - 2.5 x 3.5 Watercolour ATC

Once again this has opened up a new line of ideas, I'm thinking Giraffe and Elephant photobombing the "Scream" - I would get  them to do bunny ears but they erm don't have fingers, ho hum....
Anyway pop on over to the Play Room to see other Famous Artist inspired great art! :D
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