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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Georgie's ACEO Baby Shower

A few months ago I joined a Facebook group - the ebay ACEO. It's a great group and things are always happening, lots of conversation and new pictures posted all the time. A really active and thriving community. While I was very close to giving birth I gave everybody a daily update as to how things were going. I think everybody got pretty eager to see me finally pop the Georgie out. It was quite good having a lot of US people in the group who would be up when I was, at 3am with some form of pain or ailment.
When I eventually went into hospital I believe I made the time to write a quick desperate message - something to the effect of, I think it's starting! Then that was it, no word from me for a couple of days.
Imagine my excitement when I came back - 19 FB updates, 3 friend requests and 2 private messages (along with 36 emails)!
Anyway to get to the point, Leola and Cheryl who are the administrators or some form of leader of the group had organised a new photo challenge. Rather than providing a picture for everybody to interpret; people were asked to make a card in honour of baby Georgie, an ACEO Baby Shower if you will. Then send all the cards to me (I wasn't expecting that at all!)
Once I got my first card I decided to take pictures of Georgie posing with each card I got through the door.
So sit back and enjoy the photos. It has been an amazing thing and I am now hoping something else happens in the group that I can participate in and share the love :)

Beverley Goding
Victorian Baby Carriage

Penny Stewart
Don't Wake the Baby

Karen Brady
Georgie Girl's Fairy
 Linking this ACEO to Karen's Blog.
Sharlene McNeill
Georgie's Dragon
Linking this ACEO to Sharlene's Website and Blog.
Sue Perez
Katie's Little Darling

Barbara Donati
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sherry Goeben
Why Won't he Play With Me
Georgie's Mouse
 Linking these ACEOs to Sherry's Facebook Page.
Cheryl Buckman
Georgie's Giraffe
Georgie's Bear
Linking these ACEOs to Cheryl's Blog.
Leola Walker
Fairy Baby
 Linking this ACEO to Leola's Facebook Page and her Blog.


  1. awwwwwwwwww, she's so gorgeous! It was a fun challenge to take part in

  2. What a delightfully kind thing for the admin team to organise and how sweet of all those people to participate. I can imagine your joy on finding out about it and then receiving all those beautiful cards.
    Georgie is so sweet and in all her pretty clothes too :D Awwww.......Mo :0)
    ps - what is ACEO?

    1. Hi Twinkle Toes - yes I was overjoyed to find I'd be receiving lots of cards, I absolutely love mail and this was so thoughtful and kind! An ACEO stands for Art Cards Edition and Originals - they are basically art trading cards for sale instead of trade :) They have been the most fun since I started doing them in late March and with a baby around its quite easy to knock up small pieces of art rather than lugging an easel around!!!

  3. Hi Katie, Love your blog - thanks so much for this entry showing all the ACEO cards. It was an honor to share this special time with you and Georgie.

  4. Wow, this was a really special post ... 8)


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