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Friday, 22 March 2013

Discovered ATCs

Top 3 ATCs are Mine - Bottom 3 ATCS traded for
So while out searching for ACEOs I discovered ATCs which are Art Trading Cards. Apparently that's what an ACEO used to be before it became commercial. I can't recommend trading highly enough, I am always itching to buy ACEOs on ebay but really can't justify the cost - perhaps thats why mine also didn't sell. I have been on ATCs for All for little more than a week and not only am I hooked but I have traded all of the cards I own already! Well now I realise how much of an expensive hobby this is. Sure you don't have to buy them but you still have postage and when you have to mail out 6 different trades to the USA it all adds up. So have been spending today working out how I might manage this hobby without letting the money go out of hand. I think one method is to only trade in sets. Anything above 3 is good because its better value (as it were) per card sent. If I had the money I would just trade all day long! It's a wonderful site and met a few people already - no money issue shall really stop me! In the above image I traded the top 3 ATCs and received the bottom 3 images with a cute thank you card :D It's all good and I wonder how large my collection will get?? What is your experience with trading Art Cards?


  1. I really like the cards you've posted at AFA, particularly the bright cityscape types. I think you'll find a happy medium with how much you can produce and how much you're mailing out. Multiple trades is a good idea. On the other hand, I usually do just one at a time because they take me so long to make. We'll have to do a trade! Another thing you might like is the swaps. Very good for practicing on a theme and then you get returns back in the mail - usually very cool, sometimes not quite as great, but always fun. :)

  2. I joined a couple of months after you and I'm really enjoying it. If not for AFA I probably wouldn't be drawing much. It helps to have a goal. I love your style!


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