I have kept journals for 9 years and so its surprising that I should only discover blogging as a new format of journal writing. It's about time I embrace it and see if its as fun.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Journal Pages full of Flowers

My first journal for me to fill has arrived.
All the way from Russia from Irina.
Firstly a thank you for the little bag of shells - yay.
Now the theme set for this journal is flowers, awesome and quite an easy theme which works well for me.
So I have recently got myself a large amount of stamps and as I've been sorting them to find foreign and British stamps I noticed a lot of bird stamps... Which gave me an idea for my first double page spread.

All of those birds and houses are tiny cut outs from stamps - I wanted to add a lot more things but I always worry that I'd over do it. So I left it at that. This was my painted page.
So next I had a stab at some more collage and mixed media. I decided to go with my original theme for my journal and let Georgie the Sunflower say hello to Irina!

I am really pleased with how this came out, with collage I never have a plan, I just start in one corner and slowly fill the page out. The border was cut from a napkin I received many months ago. I'm glad I could finally use it. I really enjoyed doing this first step of the long journey. I have 3 more journals to see and decorate and look forward to seeing mine come back safe and sound.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Art Journal reaches Russia!

I have pictures back from Russia to see what Georgie has been getting up to!
Here she has discovered Russian Ballet!!!

And here she's discovered Russia is a good deal colder than the UK!!!

These are so sweet - all of them from the lovely Victoria - you can find her blog here.
Thank you so much - now it needs to go to two more people and then back to me - yippee! I suspect I may have to do another Georgie journal!

To view Margaret's 4 pages - here.

To view my 4 pages - here.
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