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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Creative Tuesday's Cats and a wee bit of Origami

Rolling back into the swing of things with another Creative Tuesday!

Now I might have possibly misinterpreted the theme as the cat in my picture is not black.... so maybe a more philosophical approach could suffice. My cat is dark - mummified and maybe even evil? Ok maybe that's too harsh.

Either way I am up at the crack of dawn drawing cats and videoing my efforts. If you haven't seen already I am now dabbling in some speed drawing. trying new things in each video. They are far from perfect and are mute since I need some research into music and copyright.

I want to work out next how to take a good video of painting without boring the viewers! What would you like to see me do with this?

Here's the finished cat painting...
Cat Mummy Egyptian Mummified Art Trading Card Watercolor Painting
Mummified Cat - Original ATC - Katie Hone

Head on over to Creative Tuesday this week to see others interpretation of the theme.

Origami again!!!

On another note I am really throwing myself back into origami. I used to do it and loved it but was very much a solo enjoyment. Now I have a few friends interested we're very keen on working on Christmas decorations! Need more paper already though but I suppose nothing is stopping me from cutting up paper myself... Food for thought!

Modular 30 Units five star model paper colorful
Modular Origami - 5 Pointed Star


I am a few days early but I have completed this whole challenge - it has been amazingly challenging! it has introduced pixel art to me (the one subject I was least looking forward to but enjoyed the most!) Has anyone else embarked on this challenge? I reckon I can do it again for next year too.

These pictures are not in order but if you need to refer to the Drawlloween theme list I talk about it in my previous post: Art Topic List for Halloween - Oh and Cookies

Drawlloween Challenge (Landscape ATCs) - Not in Order

Drawlloween Challenge (Portrait ATCs) - Not in Order

Before I leave I'd like to refer you to a free giveaway on my Facebook page (Katie Hone - Illustrator) - please send your love that way and who knows you could get lucky! I will be introducing free giveaways every month so please get involved.

Thank you for stopping by, any and all feedback on the video would be great!

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