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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Barmouth Bridge

I'd like to start by telling you all about how I got featured on the Art Promotivate Blog: Katie Hone Featured Artist - They have an awesome blog which gives lots of interesting tips and tricks about how to sell your work and promote yourself. I'm still pretty new at it so any hints are of great use to me.
So I may not have mentioned that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, trying not to let that hinder the creative process but now I get quite tired. However I did manage a new painting this week!
A friend of mine asked about doing some paintings of my home town Barmouth. All of a sudden my painting hat went on and I got right underway and started. Given that the last time I did a Barmouth Bridge painting got so much good feedback I decided to do it again (different this time also).

Barmouth Bridge - Work in Progress

This is how I typically start with a painting like this, get all of those all important black lines in. Similar to the ACEOs I have a very obvious black outline to a vibrant scenery picture. The only difference with this and the ACEOs is the medium. I adore watercolour but for canvas painting I much prefer acrylic - you can get brighter colours and paint over any mistakes!

Barmouth Bridge - Work in progress

Then I add colour, the fun part! I usually spend some time before adding colour working out where all the colours will go. I don't like colours to clash too much but I don't want to deviate too far from the standard red, blue, green and yellow palette.

Barmouth Bridge - 9" x 12" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

And here it is! I am thouraghly pleased with it and have now got one more to do of Barmouth Harbour. Will probably make a start on it this weekend some time. Has anyone been to Barmouth before? It really has loads of landmarks considering its not a very big town, an impressive beach and a huge amount of cafes! I do miss living there.


  1. I LOVE this painting. I lived for 10 years in Arthog. It was my job as a child to walk the bridge to collect the papers on a saturday morning. Do you sell prints of this?

    1. Afraid not but I am willing to do a commission of any size in either watercolour or acrylic :) I'm glad you like it as well!


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