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Friday, 22 March 2013

Photo Challenge

So in my new Ebay ACEO group I joined almost a month ago they do a photo challenge every month. Basically you take the photo and let it inspire you to create an ACEO. You don't have to use the original picture but if you go on a wild tangent it's best to explain how your thought process got you there. So having never done Zentangle before and loving the results of it I had this idea. I traced the outline of the eagle and was going to zentangle behind it, make the eagle seem like a cardboard cut out. Things were going great, really enjoyed the intricasy of the doodling. It all went a bit pear shaped when I started to over do it. I had started painting the red part - red and white looked really good but I wanted it to be red and blue. I knew it was a mistake when I filled in the first bit in blue, suddenly it was too dark and could no longer see it very well. I couldn't really stop there (I hate inconsistancy and who knows it might look better as a whole). Sadly I don't think I made it any better.

Eagle Zentangle
Tonight is the deadline for the challenge and you're allowed to enter as many ACEOs as you want - so I decided to have another stab at it and I must say I'm a lot happier with the new results. I was just going to do one of an eagle flying over a gridwork of zentangle (to represent America) but since I cut the eagle out to create a stencil it was very easy to make two opposite cards. So the first has the orange eagle flying over the American cities (thats the idea) and the second is a white eagle flying freely on a more whimsical background. I think its an accurate way to interpret America using polar opposites. Oh and this is the first time I'ver tried to photograph fluorescent orange and pink - I'll tell you now it isn't easy. I took about 20 photos for each and only a couple were good. Good luck to all who try this out!!! You need a good camera!

"Flying over the Grid" - Acrylic and Pen ACEO

"Born Free" - Acrylic and Pen ACEO

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  1. I love the way it's come out and it is now mine. Wahooo. Great header for your blog Katie, visit me at mine too.


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