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Monday, 29 April 2013

Art from Russia

A couple of weeks ago I made an awesome trade with a new trading friend from Russia. This was back when trading was still relatively new to me. I gave away two custom paintings, one of some elephants because they’re pretty popular! And I also repainted Buckden Towers since my first one sold on eBay.


Russian post is apparently a little sluggish so I was worried when it took nearly a month for them to arrive, but it’s all ok and we’re both happy bunnies.


I am thoroughly pleased with the ATCs I received. Victoria does these amazing tree doodles with some awesome vibrant colours and face collage, such a unique way of throwing things together. Collage is something I’ve never been able to achieve well. We will probably do more trading in the future!


Check out her blog over at 365 day Zentangle Project


I also got an altered envie – which inspired me into doing my own. I really love the trading community!
Thanks for looking :)


  1. Thanks))) I have got yours too and going to write about them. And I am ready to trade more))

  2. So gorgeous bright & colourful, all of them!! And you got a beautiful envelope into the bargain! Nice one! :0)

  3. wow! they're all so cool. love all the bright colors.


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