I have kept journals for 9 years and so its surprising that I should only discover blogging as a new format of journal writing. It's about time I embrace it and see if its as fun.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Angry Robots

I haven't checked in in a while and had painted something "Bizarre" for the Artist's Playroom.
A few weeks ago my friend wanted me to join an "Everybody Dance" swap - but I declined because the theme didn't really interest me... Later I decided to join because some of the other peoples cards looked great and wanted to get in on it. I was going to paint elephant and giraffe doing some moves, but they're perhaps a bit difficult to draw on an ATC doing the tango!! So I opted for my new Angry Robots... I do love how annoyed they look that they have to dance. What fun these were to do, I think the dancing tango robots are the most popular but I personally love the three flamenco robots.

Angry Robots Dancing Swap ATCs

Pop on over to the Artist's Playroom for more bizarre art!
Here is another comic strip of Georgie. She went to a baby group yesterday where we got her feet painted onto card - I've transformed it into a Father's Day card - aw. Also big big news! She's sleeping for 9 hours at night (most of the time) - OMG - I actually get sleep now! Yay!
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