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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Creative Tuesday - Jam on Toast

Over at Creative Tuesday the theme this fortnight is "Hot Toast and Jam" - I of course can't ever miss the opportunity to bring out my pair of cute giraffes who obviously seem to like this for breakfast. I sit here and wish and wish I could have a pair of tiny giraffes... Anyone seen the scene in Despicable Me when they shrink the elephant... yes I would love that shrink ray :)

2.5" x 3.5" Original ACEO - Giraffes eat Jam on Toast

Pop on over to Creative Tuesday see what other people have made!

This item is also in my Etsy store - hop on over if you want to see where these critters also go.


  1. your giraffes add such a special touch to the jam and toast vignette! Lovely work.


  2. Oh Katie, this is just adorable! I love their expressions and all in miniature. Fabulously drawn little card, it gave me a chuckle.

  3. Now that's a real trick for a giraffe, to BEND down to get that delicious looking bread and jam. He's saying...."Why didn't you put it in the tree...haha." Just darling.

  4. Lol - oh, the look in their eyes says it all!! They just can't wait to get stuck in :D Fabulous piece Katie :o))

  5. Look yummy, Katie.It was BREAD and jam but Toast is fine too of course. Very colourful and lovely. I particularly like how you did the glasses of juice being transparent, etc. GREAT job. Thank you for adding this to the contributions!

  6. BTW, I saw your houses of parliament artwork on teh side and it is lovely! Well done.

  7. Very very cute, Kate. LOVEeeeee the little giraffes. Hee :)


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