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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What is my workstation like?

I've been seeing some interesting work spaces lately and want to add mine to the collection - along with my general environment.

Art Table Watercolours Pens Brushes
Noodlerabbit88 - Work space

I work very small so realistically I use very little space. In this picture you can see my usual layout for painting ATC's - this bat is day 14 on Drawlloween - one of my more simpler designs. Anyhow I have my computer right in front of me because I can't tear myself away from my emails and Facebook!

Shelf art envies mail art moo inchies origami
Lego Minifigure and art collection - Katie Hone

Boxes storage little things baskets
Boxes of stuff - organised heaven!

Computer art workstation storage
Workspace and inspiration

These pictures are what surrounds me, mostly envies, Moos and inchies - inspiring and a great collection of Lego Mini - Figures (which by the way I love)!

Finally I wanted to share these awesome pictures that TF Balding has got on her Facebook page called Southern Sweet Tea Studio - She is an exceptional artist and here she's done a time lapse of her latest piece which will be a giveaway to a random lucky winner. Check out her Etsy shop too.

TF Balding 2015 Southern Sweet Tea Studio
I would love to see your workspace too, how organised are you?

Check out how much my art and working has changed. 
Way back in 2012 I used to paint canvas, bigger, more space needed. I'm quite glad I work small with my little set up!

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