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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Illustrated Childhood

You might notice a bit of a running theme with my artwork. I do paint a lot of Barmouth! Well if you've ever been there you'd see it has perfect scenery and for such a small town it has a lot of neat landmarks.

Barmouth Dolphin Fountain - ACEO
This is the Dolphin Fountain which can be found at the end of the promenade as it turns into the harbour. Interesting sculpture and a nice filler for space, its in a little section which overlooks the pier. Popular place to sit and eat your fish and chips or icecream (or both??)

Barmouth - The Roundhouse - ACEO
One of my favorite places to roam as a child - The Round House. It used to be a jail, with a prison cell either side of the building. Now it's a tourist attraction and people can stand at the doorway (which is barred sadly) and look in to see a plaque of history and a manikin staring ominously back at you.

Barmouth - The Bath House Cafe - ACEO
The Bath House Cafe, I believe the building used to be a bath house hence the name but since has become a cafe. They used to host laser shows at the new year in the early 90s but they had to stop because it was too expensive. Such a pity, I really enjoyed them.

Barmouth - St John's Church - ACEO
 You might have seen this before, St John's Church, big church in the centre of town, when you come to Barmouth by train you can see this church so clearly in Barmouth's skyline. Very pretty.
Well I think that illustrates some of my childhood.
So when I popped on this morning I discovered a potential free giveaway at Jessie Lilac's Blog - oooh how I love a freebie but I'm also glad to help others to gain recognition. It's a great idea and not one I considered, maybe I could give away a set of ACEOs for free in exchange for a bit of publicity, can't harm. What do you reckon?
Also finally got the hang of Google + and followers etc (some bloggers have 100s)! Only to discover this is a redundant feature? It's not that popular apparently? I beg to differ, every art blogger has it. Hmm I'm stuck with my Google + circles which apparently is what we have to try to use instead. Is this the same? Who knows.
Anyway thank you for popping in, yawn - I might go make coffee now to keep myself awake.

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