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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Tale of the Rainbow Elephants

One day a family of three elephants decided to go on a long trip to look for their fortune.

Blue Elephants ATC - Watercolour

But something happened!!!

An Elephant's Memory ATC - Watercolour

The little one disappeared in a swirl of colour!!!

Green Elephant ATC - Watercolour

The father elephant searched until his mate died.

Yellow Elephant ATC - Watercolour

But he never found him. 
Little Elephant grew up in a world of green skies and blue grass. She regretted leaving her parents behind but the world she now lived in was free of all predators and she lived a long happy life.

I'll admit that turned into a more morbid story than I imagined, but I didn't really paint these with a story in mind. In fact this was an experiment to see how well the colours would work in different situations. Somehow they've come out much more vibrant than I imagined! Very happy!

So I put the new colours to the test and added a new item to my Abstract Etsy Shop. I did that item with Creative Tuesday in mind since last week's theme was skyscrapers... except that I got it in my head that it was Monday so rush rush to get something done. I really do have all my days mixed up at the moment. This week's theme is newborn which I think is pretty appropriate for me!

Maybe next time I'll paint these with a story to hand!

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