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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Creative Tuesday - Stripes (and I snuck in some Spots too)!

Over on Creative Tuesday is the new theme stripes. Well I've spent a lot of my time painting giraffes who don't have stripes. So out comes the zebra! Never painted a zebra before but really they're just short stripy giraffes - right?? Anyhow I decided to try my hand at my first ever "inchies" For those who don't know, an inchie is literally 1 inch by 1 inch squares of card that you paint on. You can either paint miniscule art on them or do what I've done which is to create a mosaic/jigsaw. I drew them before I cut them down but painted them as individual squares, mainly because I didn't want the paint to run into the others. Although this might have made for an interesting effect.
Ok maybe I got a giraffe mixed in there somewhere - since my zebra is half stripy and half spotty...!

Spotty and Stripy Zebra - 6 x Watercolour Inchies
Then I got a tad carried away, rather than repaint the whole thing I decided to digitally alter it to see what each inchie looked like with different shadings. Turns out to look pretty awesome:
Digitally Altered Spotty and Stripy Zebra Inchies
And then for giggles:

Head on over to Creative Tuesday to see what other people have worked on this fortnight :)
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