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Monday, 8 April 2013

Elephant and Giraffe - The Adventurous Couple

OK I knew it when I started painting those red giraffes I would be hooked. Over on the ATC trading site I joined a swap called "Giraffes and Elephants Galore" - it got me thinking, wouldn't they make an awesome albeit strange couple! I needed to come up with 4 ATCs for the swap and came up with these 4 funny scenes!

Giraffe and Elephant take a trip to Space - Watercolour ATC
Giraffe and Elephant enjoy a Sundae - Watercolour ATC

Draw me like those French Girls - Watercolour ATC
Let Down your Hair - Watercolour ATC

These are the most fun I've ever had with ATCs and there are so many more I can do, going to start compiling a list of memorable TV/Movie moments and other funny situations.
Feel free to comment some suggestions, love to hear what you think!


  1. Hi Katie
    I adored this... how about the seven dwarfs (all giraffes) sitting around the glass coffin of snow white (elephant) .... I love it
    I really enjoying popping in and browsing through your art

    1. ooooh now there's an idea Lyndell!!! I love that - I shall write that down before I forget!!!

      And thanks for the support, really enjoying ATCs atm!

  2. These are really fun cards and such a brilliant idea. Am loving the situations you are putting them in, so inventive. I take it that there is no sign of baby yet?

    1. Haha yeh they were a lot of fun to do and am working on the next set already :D

      As for baby, nope she's not here yet, although I've had a few contractions already - just really far apart, obviously limbering up ready for the big day :D

  3. These truly are so fun~ and some wild ideas there too. :)

  4. Katie saw these over on AFA, they are fabulous and I love the stories they all tell! I am now following. xx

    1. Oooh how exciting, welcome aboard, there will be more giraffe and elephant to follow :D


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