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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Giraffes Travel around the World and Moon!

After I did the Urban Giraffe - I was further inspired:

Giraffes Where they Should be - Watercolour ATC
The two giraffes are where they would normally belong, but then I took them on a trip...

Giraffes in Australia - Watercolour ATC
They go to Australia! Don't they look cute in their little hats - and Ayers Rock looks very un - red!

Giraffe on the Moon - Watercolour ATC

And then a GREAT leap forward to space - yippee for independent giraffe!!!!

Oh my god these ATCs were the most fun I've ever had, I am thinking of a giraffe and elephant collection next - sitting in a diner both drinking a sundae... they could both go to space, although would have to think about a modified space helmet for elephant...

Any suggestions - I'd love to hear them!


  1. Aaaw I am such a 'raffie' fan and I wuv these.

  2. This post has brightened my day! A giraffe with a space helmet, now that is cool :)

    1. AW thanks Paper Rainbow, I did really enjoy doing these, the sillier the better!!!


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