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Monday, 1 April 2013

My First Illustration Friday

Last Friday I popped on over to Illustration Friday which is a blog that encourages you to do artwork based on the theme of the week. When I was there the theme was "Swim" which was perfect because I had literally just painted a turtle. So I was ready, wrote my blog up and uploaded my pictures, then I refreshed the IF blog.... They had changed the subject, oops. I obviously caught the very end of the last one. Haha, not to worry the new theme is "Egg" which I thought was good. I've only tried out zentangle a few times and I'll admit I've not been too happy with my results. So throughout all the trades I've had recently I studied some of the patterns and why they looked good, certain shading techniques etc.
For my entry I covered the ATC in water and dabbed blotches of blue and green which has a nice ripple effect. Card warped horribly so had to press it back into submission! Then I made an egg - in this case it's an Easter Egg. I actually did three at once, but given that I could only send one image to the theme I've chosen my favourite one. The one I did last, perhaps by this point I'd learnt what worked. I am proud to say this is one of my better zentangles. Once my baby is born I'll probably trade these!
Tangled Easter Egg ACEO - Watercolour and Pen
Go on over to Illustration Friday, they have lots of neat artwork on display, very inspirational :)
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