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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Traded ATC Bunnies from Down Under

Ooooh how exciting to look forward to the postman every morning again like the good old days of pen palling! Now it's all about the trades. This morning I got my much anticipated trade from Lyndell McCubbin who custom made me 3 bunny ATCs in return for 3 custom made elephants. That's where the elephant craze started! If you refer back to this thread: Acrylic vs Watercolour, I traded the first three images. She is very happy with them since they also arrived for her yesterday.
And here they are:

Amongst the Flowers Custom ATC - by Lyndell McCubbin

Blending in Custom ATC - by Lyndell McCubbin

Enjoying the Scenery Custom ATC - by Lyndell McCubbin
This one at the bottom is my favourite, I love the textures created and I am in love with that adorable cotton tail!!!
I am addicted to trading, even when I've told myself to stop - only 2 days from giving birth (theoretically) and I still want more!


  1. Thankyou Katie.... I too enjoyed the thrill of creating something for you.... nice to actually create art the someone wants

    1. I am so happy with them! They're so cute, I shall forever have love for bunnies!!!


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