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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rainbows on an Envelope

Here's another altered envie - with this one I used an old envelope which hadn't been written on. I quite enjoy being thrifty like that - I have boxes full of off cuts of paper, stamps, cardboard. I save wrapping paper that I'm able to peel away without ripping. I also save every last bit of bubble wrap and foam. I figure this way the only cost to my art hobby is postage and time and that's alright. Anyway this is an envie I did for somebody over in Spain - the theme - rainbow of course. I have to confess I had to look the colours of a rainbow up to remember the order of the colours. Reminded me of the song you sing in school although I'm sure they mix the colours round to make it rhyme!

Rainbow Altered Envie

Linking over to the Playroom once again for other rainbow themed art - enjoy.
Only one day left for the free ATC giveaway - I am giving away an ATC to two lucky winners. Just follow the instructions on my Facebook page - look for the post pinned to the top - you can't miss it.
Have a great day everybody!


  1. So beautiful Katie! :D I remember the colours of a rainbow with a quote rather than a rhyme - Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain - my sister taught it to me when I was little and have never forgotten it. Often have trouble finding Indigo tho' lol. Have a great day with ickle Georgie :0) mo x

  2. how pretty! great idea to decorate the envelope!! thanks for stopping by my blog. now...i'm off to read more of your blog!

  3. OMGosh! I LOVE this! I have received a few decorated envelopes, but haven't ever tried them myself. I've made my own envelopes from pretty paper, though. You definitely made postal workers smile all the way to Spain! :)

    I see you have word verification. I'll do it this time to let you know I was here, but I will definitely be back to look and read. ;)

  4. Thank you both for popping over to my blog :D I really enjoy doing envies, I do wonder what it must make a postal worker think. I always hope it won't compel someone to simply steal it and keep it for themselves. I've now learnt to write "Empty Envie" on it - although it's good practise apparently to do this anyway so that the recipient doesn't tear it open only to find a piece of cardboard in it!!!

    1. That's a good tip Katie, thanks for sharing it :0) Mo

  5. great idea, wondrous thrift, and brilliant art, Katie! you are a deLIGHT!!

  6. I've never decorated an envelope myself but this is fantastic Katie. It must make the postie smile surely?
    I did received one once from an American blogger and it was such a delightful surprise. I really must remember to do this myself :D
    I also think utility bills should arrive in decorated envelopes...I'm sure it would soften the blow of the cost!
    Who knows maybe companies will be approaching you soon ;D Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!

  7. I love to make altered envies! LOVE your rainbow. Awesome blog...glad I found you :)

  8. I'm a mail art fan. Love the rainbow, I wouldn't know the order of the colors, now I do.



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