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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Giraffe and Elephant in miniature

There are so many things I can do with Giraffe and Elephant - and so much more when you make them tiny! Who wouldn't love them as pets! However you may not say yes after seeing what mischievous deeds they're getting up to!

Giraffe Catches a Fish - Watercolour ATC

Giraffe and Elephant go Snorkelling - Watercolour ATC

I have so many art projects to do and yet my body doesn't seem to like the idea. I have come down with mastitis at around the same time I was deciding to wean onto a bottle. Now I'm on antibiotics and painkillers. My god it's painful... I can barely lift my arms since my lymph nodes are so swollen and painful.... The antibiotics are thankfully very strong and I hope to blast it away in a few days time.
So in the meantime - enjoy my latest montage :)


  1. Your giraffe/elephant pictures are just tooo funny!! Love them :D
    Ouch - ouch- ouch! Oh poor your having mastitis! Not good at all :( but I do hope you are feeling a bit better today and continue to do so over the coming days :)
    Ahh, wee Georgie Atkin is getting cuter by the minute! It's so lovely to see her. Babies do pull some funny faces don't they, lol. Thank you for showing some pictures of her :0))

  2. The giraffe and elephant is such a terrific and wonderfully illustrated subject. It's really cool to find a theme and find strange new ways to illustrate it.

    I am not so much a baby person but even I can appreciate such cuteness. If he were a D&D baby, he'd have like +10 charisma. ;)

  3. Hi Katie! I love your elephant&Giraffe miniatures. I have dreams about mini animals as pets regularly... always a big disappointment when I wake up and they're gone...
    Katie, I have a special request to make, and I hope you will grant me the favor: As long as I have been on the www, my profile pice everywhere I go has always been the goldfish. Now I lost kinda bet (or rather wasn't as smart as I thought and didn't get the answer to a puzzle right in some silly game going on on FB these days), and I am supposed to chenge my profile pic for a day to a GIRAFFE.
    Of course I want to keep it fish-y, so I did a google img search and found your illustration - oh my it's just PERFECT!
    Please, may I use your pic? Just for one day? I'll give all the credits due, and post a link to your blog, too! That would be so nice of you!
    All the best for you, your fantasy critters and the cute offspring you have there!

    1. Yes you are welcome to use the image :D I'm so glad you like him!!


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