I have kept journals for 9 years and so its surprising that I should only discover blogging as a new format of journal writing. It's about time I embrace it and see if its as fun.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Journal is Ready

I have refined the Georgie book...
Here I have done my two double page spreads.
This first one is Georgie sitting on top of Harlech Castle (of course)...

This second one is all about her up and coming journey.

There are four others in this journal swap - each of them will have two double page spreads to do what they'd like with. I have printed out four large pictures of Georgie (one for each) and I'll print out four small pictures. I want to give everybody the opportunity to do something similar to me, however they don't have to be limited. They can do anything - have Georgie go visit animals or discover an inspirational quote. There really is no limit. I can't wait to see this book completed, it will be several months before I get this back but I hope to see some fun results!

This has been fun and really enjoyed creating the two pages, I may do another one of these all by myself.

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