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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Georgie's Book of Culture

I've started a new project alongside Victoria and three others. We're going to do a journal pages swap. Now I'm not very confident with this idea since I'm not used to working on pages and using mixed media. There was no theme so I decided to make a theme so that I could have a goal in mind while making it. So first of all I made the pages - had to watch a video on how to bind it together and I don't think I did it very successfully. I suspect I used a thread too thin so it isn't very tight.

I also made a cover - I won't need to send this in the mail but the pages are pretty secure in it, shouldn't cost very much more to send the cover too, so I'll decide later.
So the theme I've chosen is culture and secondly I'm going to make this book for Georgie for when she's old enough NOT to tear it apart! Originally it was so you could showcase your own culture but I've decided not to limit it, since I received some Chinese lettering I'm going to use that on my front cover. I have loads of international stamps and some paper notes I can stick in too...
I may give each person a questionnaire they can choose to fill out or not...
Not sure, has anyone done this before, I'm finding it hard to mix paintings with collage - what do I put in this???
Anyway - its an early start for me because my wisdom tooth is pushing my other teeth and my jaw throbs... hopefully getting them removed in a few months but that's a long time to wait.

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  1. Best if luck with this Katie. I'm not much help with what to do but I know it's going to be wonderful and a perfect keepsake for Georgie Atkin :D xx


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