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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Giraffe and Elephant in a Jar

In the Ebay ACEO group the photo challenge of May is "Something in a Jar". We were given a fairly blurry image of a fairy in a jar on purpose so that we could interpret it anyhow we wished. So I was pretty sure I saw a giraffe and elephant in the jar - yes! Here they are - aren't they cute!!!
Giraffe and Elephant in a Jar - Watercolour ACEO
I would love my own mini giraffe and elephant.

And since anything goes for this weeks Artist's Playroom I'm going to go ahead and put this forward. Check it out for other great art!
I hope I win the contest!


  1. Wonderful picture Katie. This picture & your wishing for a miniature giraffe & elephant reminds me of Harry & His Bucketfull of Dinosaurs, haha. Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend :0) Mo

    1. Thank you Twinkle :D I do love my giraffe and elephants and have decided alongside bunnies to collect toy elephants and giraffes for Georgie!

  2. A great idea for something in a jar, and lovely colours. They are looking very hopeful, perhaps it is feeding time.

  3. i would, too, katie, especially the giraffe! great job - they look like 2 happy little animals to have been found by you :)

  4. They are so cute Katie. Your interpretation is just perfect.
    I adore 'heffalumps' as my daughter used to call them and think it would be so cool to have miniatures.
    I'm off today to try to create something for APR...fingers crossed.
    Have a great week whatever you have planned -enjoy :)

  5. Love it....it is so cute....awesome job


  6. your work is just a deLIGHT, Katie!! of course I love your giraffe[s] and I especially enJOY your playful style!!

  7. I love it! Visiting via APR. Blessings!

  8. Oh Katie - found it! And they are absolutely lovely!!!
    Nicky (AFA)


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