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Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Evil Bunnies

Bunny rabbit stuffed animal toy plushie katie hone abstract vibrant art
"Zombie vs Psycho" - Acrylic and Pen ACEO

Bunny rabbit stuffed animal toy plushie katie hone abstract vibrant art
"Attack!" - Acrylic and Pen ACEO
About a year ago I found this rather amusing crochet pattern which can still be found here: Mr Bunnyford - The Original Zombie Rabbit. On the spur of the moment I bought it because I wanted it! Only to realise not only can I not crochet but neither could Mum. Oh well what to do now? So I somehow convinced my Nana in law (let’s call her Nana 3) to make one for me. Hah – she did it willingly! But once those evil eyes were sewn on and that bloodthirsty mouth was made a new terror was born. I was so extremely happy when she made the first one – I called him Zombie bunny and he didn’t leave my side! So I pushed for another one, bunnies need companions! This other was slightly different, with some special beads for eyes and different colours, I decided to call him Psycho bunny. Little did I know that rather than companions they became sworn enemies!!!
However, all is not lost; it would seem they will put their differences aside to attack the new bunny on the block. A gorgeous innocent stuffed bunny given to me at my baby shower – oh dear!

Bunny rabbit stuffed animal toy plushie katie hone abstract vibrant art
"It's a Trap!" - Acrylic and Pen ACEO


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yeh they're quite the pair, I haven't named Innocent Bunny yet, maybe I'll wait until my little girl is old enough to name him :P

    2. Not quite born yet! She's got a week left before she's fully cooked!

  2. Hahaha, these are great! I don't think I could have one of those crocheted ones in my house. Too scary. I read too much horror as a youngin and just can't manage such things. But the poor innocent one... I know you'll protect it from zombification, right?!

    1. Well Cindy, Georgie will have Innocent bunny, so we'll just have to see if either the evil bunnies ransack her crib or Georgie wants the innocent one to be a zombie lol....


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